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Your AC unit is a lifesaver in the summertime, so it is important to make sure that it is running smoothly. AC units last longer and run better when they are regularly maintained. Simple maintenance over time can help you avoid costly repairs and broken machines in the long run. This is why we advise all our clients to maintain their machines regularly.

AC Maintenance

There are several AC maintenance tasks that you should complete each year. Here is a quick look at how you should monitor and time maintenance tasks for your machine.

  • Springtime: You should always schedule AC service for your unit before the summer begins. You want to ensure that your unit receives a tune-up and that you can repair any problems before you start using your unit for the summer season.
  • Summertime: This is the time of year that your machine is working it’s hardest. You can help your machine by ensuring that the air filters stay clean. Changing the air filters in your home every three months is a good rule of thumb to keep them updated.
  • Fall and Wintertime: During cooler months, we recommend scheduling your second AC service for the year. This provides another opportunity for a tune-up after your machine has been working so hard during the summer months.
  • Year-round: We also recommend that you pay close attention to how your machine is running. If you identify a musty smell, notice temperature swings, or hear squeaking or wheezing noises, schedule AC maintenance immediately.

AC Maintenance Timeline for Your Home

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