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AC RepairJust a few minutes on the Internet and you’ll be convinced that you can tackle many home projects on your own. So, it stands to reason if your AC starts making noise, fails to come on, or is blowing hot air that you might be tempted to handle AC repair on your own. However, it is important to realize that not everything in your home makes a viable DIY project, and AC repair is one of those.

Regardless of what type of AC unit you have, it is a complex system with more moving parts and components than you realize. It could take you days of tinkering to even come up with a diagnosis when you do not have the proper experience. Plus, when your house is getting hotter and hotter, time is not something you can spare.

In addition, you probably lack the diagnostic and other tools needed to make the repairs, and by the time you purchase those, you’re going to have a higher investment into your AC repair than you might have thought. This can be an even worse situation if you perform a faulty repair and need to pay for even more parts.

The better route to go is to call us at Custom Air and Heat Inc. Our professional technicians can quickly diagnose and make the AC repair, probably before you can even get through reading the manual for your system. Save yourself the hassle and time, and let our 30 years in the industry provide you with reliable AC repair.