Key Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

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Having a reliable air conditioner isn’t just a matter of comfort; it can also be a matter of safety when it comes to the Florida heat, especially in the summertime. One of the best ways to keep yourself cool when it is hot outside is to take care of your air conditioning unit so that it works well all year long. If you aren’t sure of the age, condition, or functionality of your AC system, you may want to schedule air conditioning service to ensure there aren’t any surprises when you need AC the most.

Key Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

There are a few indicators that you can be on the lookout for that would suggest you need to schedule air conditioning service sooner rather than later.

  1. Funny Noises – One of the first things many people notice when their air conditioner isn’t working is that it is making funny noises. If you notice that something isn’t quite right about the way your air conditioner sounds, make sure to call for air conditioning service before the noise gets worse.
  2. Bad Odors – Another important indicator that it’s time for air conditioning service is if you notice a funny smell coming from your AC unit. Sometimes this can be mold or mildew buildup due to condensation, but it could also be an electrical issue that should be remedied right away.
  3. Not Cooling – If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling no matter how low you turn the thermostat, then you should definitely call for air conditioning service to have the problem resolved. Knowing that you can keep your living and working spaces cool is critical to your comfort!

At Custom Air and Heat Inc., we’ll be happy to provide air conditioning services that range from routine maintenance to complete replacement. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Make your appointment today!