My Air Conditioning is Running Constantly! Why?

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In the heat of summer, it might seem normal for your air conditioning system to operate nearly constantly, but the reality is that it isn’t normal for it to do so. The good news is that it isn’t always a complex problem or even a costly one – but since it can be, it is best to get it checked out by an air conditioning professional. Here are the most common reasons why your air conditioning would be running constantly.

best to get it checked out by an air conditioning professional

  1. Clogged Air Filter– This is the simplest to check and to resolve and also brings home the importance of checking the filter every month and changing it, if needed. A good way to stay on top of this is to set up a reminder in your cell phone. A dirty filter makes the system work a lot harder, leading to an overheating situation, needing to clean the ductwork more often, and inability for the system to remove humidity.
  2. Dirty Condenser Coils– Your system cannot perform as it should if the coils are dirty, and air flow is affected. Since it can’t cool the air like it should, it will keep running, trying to meet the thermostat setting.
  3. Thermostat Issue- Sometimes the thermostat fails and never sends the message for the air conditioning system to shut off. If your house is quite chilly, this is quite likely the culprit. Try setting the temperature higher to see if it turns off; if it doesn’t, you probably have a bad thermostat that needs replaced.
  4. Insulation Issue– If you have inadequate insulation and air leaks, your air conditioning might not be able to keep up with the heat exchange that’s going on.
  5. Insufficient Air Conditioning Maintenance– It may seem a cost savings to bypass your twice a year HVAC service, but this can lead to your system underperforming and costing you far more between higher utility bills and the potential for premature air conditioning failure.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioning serviced and troubleshoot why it is running constantly, give us a call at Custom Air and Heat Inc. We’ll assess the system for any problems and make a recommendation based on our findings. The worst-case scenario is that your unit is old and needs to be replaced, but often a lower-cost option can be found. Call today to learn more.