Tips for Air Balancing Using Your Air Conditioning System

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Even with the most efficient air conditioning system, you can experience cold and less than cold spots throughout your home. While modifying your system to get air evenly distributed is part of air balancing, there are some things you can do to avoid uneven temperatures and help the overall performance of your air conditioning system. Here are some tips.

get the most from the air conditioning system

  • Fix Ductwork- If you have ductwork that has gaps that let air-conditioned air out and allow warm air from your attic into the ductwork, it is important to fix the ductwork.
  • Check Filters- A clogged filter makes the air conditioning system work harder and may keep it from having enough capability to get cool air to the farthest reaches.
  • Check Registers- It may be something as simple as a closed register keeping a room from getting the cool air it needs.
  • Install Insulative Window Coverings- A hot, sunny day can really heat up a room when the windows do not filter the sunlight. That, in turn, makes the air conditioning system work overtime leading to extra cold and extra warm rooms.
  • Check for Airflow Restrictions- In addition to clogged filters, you could have other restrictions, such as debris in the ductwork or something placed over a register vent.
  • Try a 2 Degree Change on Thermostat- It might surprise you how changing the temperature by just one or two degrees can bring more comfort to your home.
  • Keep Heat Producing Equipment/Lights Away from Thermostat- Your air conditioning thermostat goes by the temperature where it is located. If something is interfering with that immediate area, other rooms can get rather cold while the air conditioning keeps running to resolve the extra heat.
  • Install Another Return Duct- An air conditioning professional can tell you if your system is struggling to handle the airflow because it needs an additional return duct.
  • Install Another Air Handler- If you have a large home or the current system isn’t strong enough, a second air handler can be the solution.

If, despite handling a few of these changes, you still do not have the comfort and air balance you want for your home, give us a call at Custom Air and Heat Inc. With more than 30 years of experience, we can provide the solution you need, so you get the most from the air conditioning system at your home or business.