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CoolingHave you ever found it perplexing how a nice splash of water is cooling, yet a high humidity day is not? It is one of life’s mysteries how water can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on the situation. Too little and you get dehydrated, too much and you can drown. Balance is the key and that’s why controlling humidity in your home to within a 30% to 50% range is so important.

The science behind humidity and comfort is actually pretty straightforward. In order to deal with heat, your body will sweat. If the air is full of moisture already (humidity), it is harder for that sweat to evaporate so you feel uncomfortable in that damp little world that is created. Even if you are not visibly sweating, it is going on as your body works to regulate its temperature.

The good news is that your home’s AC system does more than cooling — it also helps control humidity. When there is high humidity, your system may have to work really hard to do it, and that can lead to high utility bills.

What you can do is have the most efficient cooling system possible. Upgrade if your system is older, and keep up with annual maintenance to keep it operating at peak performance. That is where our professionals at Custom Air and Heat Inc. can help. Call us when the temps and humidity in Melbourne, Florida are on the rise, and we’ll do our part to help you feel cool and dry. Don’t suffer from high humidity – we’re here to help!